A launch before Hurricane Irene

Precautions in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Irene has our family grounded and home-bound today. What an opportunity to catch up on the backlog of communications and launch my maiden voyage in the world of blogging at WordPress.

Upon reading a blogger’s questioning whether Irene is a real hurricane, I went to check on the Hurricane Irene Tracking Map and learned that it started as a tropical storm, picked up speed to a Category 1 hurricane and then, briefly to a category 2 hurricane, and then slowed down to a tropical storm level. While some may wonder why such an over-reaction to a tropical storm, I would rather be safe than sorry. Considering its energy and trajectory (it touches or crosses many  metropolitan areas and nuclear power plants), it could cause massive power outages.

If we do not lose power, I might get to catch up on my communications after all.

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